This episode was pre-recorded for airing on KWTF Sonoma County Radio for June 23, 2020. In this episode, we climb under the covers for part two of our Cover Song theme.

Songs Played in this episode (now with time codes!):

5:20 : “Miserlou [Eastern Mediterranean folk song cover]” by Dick Dale

7:33 : “Never Say Never [Romeo Void cover]” by Queens of the Stone Age 

11:55 :  “Head Over Heels [Tears for Fears cover]” by Pardoner

18:32 : “Playing with Fire [Rolling Stones cover]” by Missing Persons

21:32 : “The Sound of the Crowd [The Human League cover]” by Superheroes

24:51 : “Heart of Glass [Blondie cover]” by Nouvelle Vague

30:17 : “Hanging on the Telephone [The Nerves cover]” by Blondie

32:39 : “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [Rolling Stones cover]” by Devo

35:18 : “Girl U Want [Devo cover]” by Superchunk

39:06 : “All Night Long [The Mary Jane Girls cover]” by Waterbed Kev

45:12 : “You Can Make It If You Try [Sly & The Family Stone cover]” by Gabriel Garzon-Montano

48:16 : “You Should Be Dancing [Bee Gees cover]” by Sky Creackers 

56:07 : “The Boy with a Thorn in His Side [The Smiths cover]” by Belle & Sebastian 

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